So Excited Carrington Real Estate Services is NOW Vylla Home!

Carrington introduces Vylla Home 

On October 1, 2018, we introduced Vylla to Associates. That was a momentous day for the Carrington Family of Companies – the launch of our first truly consumer-facing business: Vylla. Even more important, the Vylla launch represented a dramatic improvement in the homebuying experience for consumers, who are now discovering “Homeownership made simple.” Since October, we’ve also integrated Vylla Title and Vylla Escrow, adding essential services for Vylla to deliver an extraordinary homebuying experience.

Today, we’re introducing the next step in the Vylla experience: Carrington Real Estate Services is now Vylla Home.

Historically, real estate is one of the most visible parts of Carrington’s business. Because real estate agents continually interact on a personal, face-to-face basis with customers, Vylla agents are an essential part of creating an extraordinary customer experience.

“Transitioning our real estate company is one of the most critical components of the Vylla strategy,” said Greg Drakos, EVP. “With the addition of our real estate team, we’re creating a network of homeownership stores where our customers can find all of the products and services they need to find, finance and own their home under one roof.”

Vylla Home also represents a new business model, one in which real estate agents can set their own value in their market. Unlike other ‘discount brokers,’ Vylla doesn’t set commissions. Instead, we make it simple: agents keep 100 percent. This gives each agent flexibility to be competitive when they need to and charge more when the individual transaction requires it. In essence, we believe it is better to compete on service, not price. With this new model, and with Vylla’s other products and services at our fingertips, we are well positioned to offer a homeownership experience unlike any other.

“In areas where we have a real estate branch, we’ll also have a lending branch,” said Chris Gordon, SVP, Business Operations. “Our side by side locations will give us the ability to offer our entire selection of lending, title and settlement products and services.”

No other company can offer Vylla’s unique combination of services, because no other company has all of these services in-house, nor an easy to use online interface that guides the entire homebuying journey. Vylla Home is the latest evolution in the Vylla experience. We can’t wait for homebuyers to come home to Vylla Home.

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